About the Company

SolGreen was established in the year 2020 to promote innovation and green technology in the polymer industry. The company aims to develop practical solutions for manufacturers of polymer based products to improve their productivity, energy efficiency and resource management.

  • New Product Development
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Green Technology
  • Recycling / Recovery Of Waste
  • IP And Marketing

Plastic, rubber and latex product recycling and processing

De-crosslinking latex and tire products

Thermoplastic elastomer production

Rubber and plastic production line


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Why SolGreen?

Pertaining to the issues in the plastic and rubber manufacturing industry and global scenario SolGreen is your partner to move forward. Some of the crucial recent developments that catalyzed the establishment of SolGreen includes:

Increasing Price Of Raw Material

Soaring prices of virgin resins especially PE and PPdue to surge of export demand.Increasing price of natural rubber in last three years, USD 1.57/kg in 2018 to USD 1.68/kg in January 2021 and the price is expected to increase up to USD 2.3/kg in 2030. Global nitrile rubber consumption growth expected to be 4% annually will impact the price of nitrile latex.

Global Environment Sentiment

The world’s population had started to look at plastics as a threat to environment due to its non-degradable nature, waste accumulation and green house gaseous emission. Governments and regulatory bodies are pursuing the act of banning plastics.

Post Industrial Waste Management

Post industrial waste management is requiring more space, energy and cost due to strict regulation imposed by government.

Energy Intensive Process

Energy intensive process and design in rubber and plastic manufacturing industry have increased the operational cost.

Pressure Imposed To Industry

Pressure imposed on industry to adopt sustainable approach via green technology and recycling of waste.

Labour Related Issues

High turnover rate and difficulty in hiring pushes the industry to go for earlier automation.

Lack Of In House Facility for R&D

Lack of in house facility for R&D in plastic and rubber companies for innovation.

What SolGreen does?

The objectives for which SolGreen is established:

To carry on business as consultants, advisers, and managers in relation to research and development, training, project, production and quality management, sales and marketing within the polymer industry

To harness and commercialise its inhouse intellectual property (IP) by investing in start-ups and joint investment to create business and employment opportunities.

To explore Corporate Social Responsibity (CSR) initiatives jointly with Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman.

How does SolGreen Operates?

SolGreen can help you to be competitive in the industry by innovation of plastic and rubber product and processes from cradle to grave.
The company can carry out R&D and testing for your organization for the followings:

Provide Solution

Provide solutions for alternative raw materials from recycle materials, green materials, thermoplastic elastomers, de-crosslink rubbers and biodegradable polymers.

Technical Consultation

Provide technical consultation for adoption of more energy efficient process and design

Automation Solution

Provide technical consultation for automation taking into consideration the existing production line operations.

Improve Quality

Improve the quality of recycling techniques and products to reduce waste and generate income for recyclers.

Solution for Post Industrial Waste

Provide solutions for post industrial waste management

Technical Assistance

Provide technical assistance for adoption of green technology

Testing and R&D Service

Provide testing and R&D service for quality control and new product development.