A fully sustainable PVC.

A fully sustainable PVC.

A fully sustainable PVC.

Some PVC manufacturers ,through these initiative ,i.e. addressed via a number of key sustainability Pathways , making PVC  towards a fully sustainable PVC.


Some manufacturers  through these commitments aimed at these pathways :

-Scaling up the PVC Value Chain Circularity, achieving even higher PVC recycling rates, fostering science-based solutions for the safe and sustainable use of legacy additives in recycles, developing innovative recycling technologies and prioritising circularity through eco-design.

- Advancing towards Carbon Neutrality and Minimising the Environmental Footprint, including a programme of reducing PVC’s carbon footprint, embracing the use of more sustainable additives and minimising PVC’s environmental footprint.

- Building Global Coalitions and partnering for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this will ensure transparency and accountability through the development of certified schemes, whilst engaging stakeholders in the sustainable transformation of the PVC industry through external partnerships that will help to progress and support the SDG targets.