Biobased TPE

Biobased TPE

 Biobased TPE

Biobased TPE is made from renewable resources such as vegetable oils and fatty acids. It has started showing interest to replace the traditional TPE, mainly for the electronics, sporting goods, and footwear industries.

The manufacturing of biobased TPE improves its biodegradability and reduces the use of non-renewable resources. Innovation and leading to commercialization of biobased TPE are creating new opportunities for the industry players.

Many synthetic TPE manufacturers have shifted their focus toward developing sustainable and environment-friendly products.

E.g.  biobased TPU for the footwear, automotive, industrial, electronics, and textile industries. Various biopolymers such as are corn starch, wheat starch, poly hydroxybutyrate (PHB), polylactide (PLA), castor oil, and palm oil are used to produce biobased TPU.

 Biobased TPU has a comparable properties to Traditional TPU and has an advantage  over traditional TPU,this is beacause of  the high raw material prices of diisocyanates and polyols. R&D for producing biobased TPU is creating opportunity for manufacturers.

The ability to compound to various properties required long experienced and continue evaluation,we are now developing various grades of TPE to aid end users to further achieving their cost reduction exercise and also driving the idea of continue using sustainable resources to achieve a better green environment.

The trend now is putting pressure on industries to adopt sustainable approach via green technology and recycling of waste.

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