TPE as a carpet tile application

TPE as a carpet tile application

There is an increased market demands for PVC alternatives in the carpet tile, new material is developed using TPE based solutions for resilient flooring such as tiles .

 Formulation expertise and collaborative development approach, customized solutions for both flexible and rigid resilient flooring types are now within reach. New solutions  are based on compounded blends composites in collaboration with parties interested  to appropriately customized to meet target requirements.

Design for recyclability.

Scrap generated during production and installation, as well as any discarded flooring material, can be returned to the production process, helping to close the material cycle, conserve resources and deliver sustainability benefits.

Market opportunity

TPE-based floor coverings offer a number of advantages as alternative materials, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular. There is a potential in this growing market and opportunities for customer looking for alternatives material for floor carpet tile.

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