What are the PVC recycling initiatives across the globe?

What are the PVC recycling initiatives across the globe?

What are the PVC recycling initiatives across the globe?


Vinyl (PVC) Institute (in the US) is one of the premier organizations representing the leading manufacturers of:

  • vinyl,
  • vinyl chloride monomer, and
  • vinyl additives and modifiers.

Recently, it launched a new initiative called +Vantage Vinyl. Its motto is to advance sustainability efforts throughout the vinyl industry. It engages companies across the entire vinyl value chain:

  • from raw material manufacturers and suppliers
  • to final product manufacturers.


Recycling now being a key to the circular economy. The European PVC industry is also contributing to the circular economy goals.

Recovinyl is an industry-wide recycling platform. It is an initiative by the European PVC value chain.

  • Aimed at facilitating PVC waste collection and recycling. 
  • It is gathering recyclers and converters from all over Europe.

The scheme is funded by VinylPlus, the voluntary commitment to sustainable development by the European PVC Industry (originally funded through the Vinyl 2010 initiative).


The Vinyl Council of Australia represents the PVC/vinyl value chain in Australia. It closely follows Europe’s VinylPlus program. With its own PVC Stewardship Program, the Vinyl Council of Australia aims to enable raw material suppliers, products manufacturers and distributors to be joint stewards of the safe and beneficial production, use, and disposal of PVC products.


The Vinyl Institute of Canada and FEPAC, Quebec’s leading plastics association, offer Eco Responsible. It is a sustainability management certification program for:

  • Manufacturers in the vinyl industry, and
  • Any other organizations in the plastics industry across Canada.

Is polyvinyl chloride toxic?

For a number of years, PVC is under scrutiny due to the:

  • Presence of chlorine content
  • Use of additives such as plasticizers

Concerns about the negative impact of phthalates have been raised at regular intervals in several regions. These additives impact the environment and human health. However, on further investigations and studies, certain phthalates are now confirmed safe for use.

Similarly, Europe has phased out the use of lead-based stabilizers in vinyl compounds. They are classified as reprotoxic, harmful, and dangerous for the environment. Their presence (heavy metal) causes issues in waste management strategies.